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About Wm Roberts


I'm a classically trained guitarist (New England Conservatory of Music) with a love of music that crosses all genres as a performer and arranger. 

Playing with the Los Angeles Philharmonic Society, Roger Williams University, the University of Wisconsin, the Harvard Group for New Music, and the French Library in Boston have all been great experiences, but I've enjoyed small venues and private performances as well.

Career highlights so far have included arranging Arirang for the Korean American Youth Symphony (Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles, 2006), composing original music for cartoons (Kiddo the Super Truck and Snapper), and coming up with just the right sound for a client's public service announcement.

Once in awhile, I'll hear one of my songs segue stories on NPR. I call that a good day. 


Music Performance & Instruction

  • Music for events, house concerts, festivals, entertainment, and more
  • Guitar lessons at my South Minneapolis studio (in-home lessons may also be available)
  • Beginning & intermediate piano instruction
  • Coaching singer/songwriters

Call me about setting up lessons, pricing, or scheduling performances: 269-290-8013

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Contact: info@libstrebormusic.com

"We used Wm Roberts & Libstrebor Music to compose music for a client's book trailer. He has an amazing ability to capture the sound of the story, plus a lot of stock music options from his own archive. This is the edge we need for internet sales." 

- Leeanne Seaver Creative Services